Period to date Computation in Narrative Insights

Hi -In QuickSight narrative the Period-to-Date comparison seems to be slightly different from what I am trying to do . Please can you assist if there is an alternative way to fix this without additional calculated fields?
Below is the calculation that I am trying to achieve- I am trying compare the Sum(Sales) Year-to-date (and today is May 2023), with Year-to-date of last year i.e. Jan - May 2022. But the Period-to-date computation in QuickSight Narrative is trying to compare Jan-May2023 with Jan - Dec2022. Any ideas?
YTD feature

Hi @cyberp

I get the correct number when selecting days in the aggregation. Can you please try?

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Hi Cyberp,

Did Ramons suggestion work for you? I’ll mark it as a solution. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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