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using an athena dataset, every day i download the situation of the total form views of my cta hubspots.

with periodOverPeriodDifference I can thus have the daily trend of the form views and not just the cumulative

my problem is that if I put everything in the table, the total does not come out as in the image

how can i solve? I would like to see 40.293 in daily form views total


Hi @andreab

Unfortunately this might be a limitation of the calculation on the Total with a custom calculation like Period Over period. If the total is an important metric i would recommend removing from pivot and adding as a KPI below or above the pivot.

We are working on improving the totals! Please feel free to Direct Message with more information about your use case and i can add to our customer feedback for this feature.

Ramon Lopez

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Hi @Ramon_Lopez By any chance have your worked out this improvement? I have the same problem.

Hi @DavidMV

Indeed we did update the product for this. Below please find the documentation.