periodOverPeriodLastValue display the week period

I am using a calculated field with the periodOverPeriodLastValue function but when using the week period as a filter in the date dimension it does not work

Can you provide more detail?
Sample table of the data, etc…

It works with the period of year, month, day, quarter but not with the week as shown in the image

Are you seeing this issue in a ‘table’ ?
What visual type are you using in your screenshot?

I have the problem in a dynamic table or any type of graph

Are you still facing this issue?

periodOverPeriodLastValue is a table calculation, which means it is computed on the data displayed in your visual. If you were to add a filter to remove all the prior weeks, there will be no data to compare the latest week to, and will get no data.

I suggest you follow the technique in this article if you want to show Period Over Period, while only showing the most recent period (instead of keep all the other historical data in your visual).