periodOverPeriodLastValue doesn't show up on the line chart when aggregating time at a week level

Hi Folks,

I am facing a weird problem, i have created two calculated fields, one which gives me data for 2023 and one field utilizing the periodOverPeriodLastValue to give me data for 2022 (periodOverPeriodLastValue(sum({b2b_served_gms}), {time_period_value},YEAR, 1)).

I added both of these fields into values on a line chart with {time_period_value} in x-axis. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine if i have day/month level aggregation on time_period_value field. However, as soon as i change it to Week, the 2022 field vanishes. My hunch is that it has to do with week start/end date or something? Is there a way i can achieve what i am trying to do?

Day level aggregation


Week Level Aggregation


Hello @Tanish !

Is your calculated field for 2023 gms made the same way as the one for 2022?

Could you try turning your sum({b2b_served_gms} into a level aware calculation before adding it to the periodOverPeriodLastValue calc field?

Hi Duncan,

The 2023 GMS → sum({b2b_served_gms} was this, i tried changing it to below but still only 2023 GMS is visible:

New 2023 GMS → periodOverPeriodLastValue(sum({b2b_served_gms}), {time_period_value},YEAR, 0)

I am not sure how to turn sum({b2b_served_gms}) into a level aware calculation… can you please help here?


Hey @Tanish ,

I changed my mind on this abit, can you try removing YEAR from your 2022 calculation?

periodOverPeriodLastValue should default to the field aggregation if you don’t add a period value.

Let me know if that works!

Hi Duncan,

That would not work right? If i remove year from it, the caluclated field will just give me last week’s data not the data of same week last year.

I tried anyways , new 2022 field → periodOverPeriodLastValue(sum({b2b_served_gms}), {time_period_value})


I am not able to understand, how the earlier calculated fields are working for Day, Month, Quarter Gran. but just not for week…


Hey @Tanish!

To clarify is that calculation working and allowing you to see the week from last year vs this year correctly?

Hello @Tanish !

Do you still need help with this or did the calculated field solve the problem?