Persist/Remember last used filter control selections per user

I’m trying to figure out if there is any way to persist/remember the last used filter control selections on a per user basis. I’m using QuickSight embedded in my application.

For example, a user opens a dashboard and makes some selections from various filter controls that I provide at the top of the dashboard. They close the dashboard and the next day, open this dashboard again. Is there any way to remember their last filter selections?

Would like some ideas on this or figure out if this has already been asked for as a feature request. Thanks!


We are releasing a feature called “Bookmark” this year which will help readers to save their filters/control choices. Next time they log in they could load any previously bookmarked configuration.


Thanks for the info! Just to clarify, will this feature be available for embedded dashboards? I ask because I’ve found other features such as alerts and scheduling unavailable for embedded dashboards.

It will be. For more information, please contact with your account QuickSight PoC who should be able to provide additional details about ETA for this feature.
Thank you.

This feature has been released but the documentation explicitly states that it is not available for embedded dashboards. Is there a plan for this to be available for embedded dashboards in the future? If not, please enter this as a feature request.

No further word on the embedded version? This feature is needed for embedded dashboards as well. Does the fact that this was not released for embedded dashboards mean that embedded has a seperate set of priorities or is of lower priority? Repeating myself from another comment but wonder how much focus there is on the tightly embedded dashboads in the ISV space. (tight embedding for a single corporate ecosystem has different needs than tight embedding in self-service, ISV products.)

Any updates for the embedded dashboards to use this bookmark feature