Pie chart question on slicing

In a pie chart i would like to make one slice with top 20 orders highest values as one slice and the remaining orders as the other slice to be able to compare between the top 20 and the rest.

Is it possible , tried with calculated field using aggregation rank and ifelse together to create two different labels - ‘Top 10’ and ‘Rest’ and then using this field as a Group but as expected it errors saying custom aggregations can’t be used as dimensions.

Any insights on this?

Hi @ajio,

Can you show your calculated fields?


rank([sum({totalorder}) DESC],[{plant_no}]) < 21, ‘Top 20 order’, ‘Rest order’

mainly is it possible to acheive this is pie chart?

Can you try this?

	denseRank([sumOver({totalorder}, [{plant_no}], PRE_AGG) DESC], [], PRE_AGG) < 21, 'Top 20 order',
	'Rest order'

thanks @David_Wong i will test out but i believe is will still throw custom aggregations can’t be used as dimensions due dense rank aggregation.

Hi @ajio, in case you need further assistance with your problem, please create a sample dashboard with sample dataset showing your problem state using Arena and please create a new post. (Details on using Arena can be found here - QuickSight Arena