Pivot Table Column Total

Hi all,
I am not getting the column totals of a pivot table. I am able to see to the total of the rows but not the total of the columns.

Click the edit layout button on the top right of the visual. On the frame that pops up you should see “Total” and “Subtotal” as options to expand. You’ll see the ability to add Totals to your rows and columns there. You might think that the row option under totals would sum the rows, but it’s the other way around in QS pivots (if I recall correctly).

Hi @tjohnson , I tried that but it still doesn’t work.


Hi- are those 4 values or one value broken out accross one dimension in the columns.

If the later, you should have the option as @tjohnson mentioned.

If its 4 values you should create a 5th, via a calc field, that adds up the first 4.


Hi @Ramon_Lopez,
Yes one column is a MoM difference. That is why the first row of the last column is empty. Neither a calculated field for the totals nor the change in layout is working.

Can you please send screenshot of entire table as well as exaples of the formulas?

Hi Ramon, this is the table.

Calculation for last column is - “periodOverPeriodDifference(sum({_fieldname}),{time}, MONTH, 1)”
The 2nd column is a calculated field at dataset level with an ifelse function - “ifelse(
{type}=“example”, {_total_currency} / 200000,
All other columns are not calculated fields.

Hello @dipanshugarg !

I think the solution that @Ramon_Lopez mentioned where you create a totals field and apply it to your pivot table will work the best for this.