Pivot Table Subtotal Section styling

I have a pivot table that uses 2 columns for the hierarchial viewing of data set, Parent column and a child column. This works great for rendering a summary at the Parent Level above all its children summary. Only issue I have is that it does highlight these rows with light gray background which helps differentiate it but I see no styling options available to customize the styling, seems like its using a default setting. What am I missing ?

@alQemay - If you click on the visual → three dots in the left corner of the visual → Pencil icon you’ll open up the visual properties menu. Find the Subtotal section, and you can apply styling to headers and cells. You can select the styling for the background, text and borders as well as which levels of the pivot table you want to subtotal.

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Just to clarify in our use the the entire area in your sample screenshot is the area I am talking about. That entire Org Name level in the hierarchial view is highlighted by default, and I see no option for styling that area, which is essentially a sub-summary in the view, showing all child records below it in regular styling.