Pivot table swap column and value

I currently have a pivot table in QS as below,

How do I achieve a pivot something similar to:

Where I group by values and column as subheader, and corresponding values go into that

Hi @vairang
i guess you would need a value dimension (value1, value2…) and only one measure. so a transposed version.

value1 | value2
13 | 2


value_dim | value
value1 | 13
value2 | 2


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Can you elaborate on how I could achieve this? Currently I have one column field which renders the two columns.
And four fields in Values dimension of pivot table and one in row.
How can I achieve transpose of this? Will I need a calculated field?

HI @vairang
depends on your datasource. What are you using?

My datasource is direct query backed by Athena. Should I transpose the data in data prep stage itself?
In which case I might need a separate dataset for this visual alone as the transposed version would not work for other visuals.

@vairang yes I would do it within Athena or in the SQL query.