Pivot Table Total row is blank for some columns

I’m having trouble with a pivot table. For some reason, Totals are not showing/calculating for certain columns, and I can’t figure out why. The values in the problematic columns are not calculated, they are defined at the SQL level. I’ve confirmed there are no NULL values, and the datatypes seem correct. What could be causing this?

I have the same problem if I convert to a standard table as well.

If I remove the dimensions from the Rows Field Well, the totals ARE calculated.

@BenM , is the ‘In Month $’ field a calculated field and what’s its data type?

A screen capture of your Field Well and showing the data types would help answer the question.

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No, it’s not a calculated field, it’s defined in the SQL. The type is decimal.

Here’s the dataset:

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Ok, I found the problem. It’s the literal ‘$’ in the field name. I tried renaming the column (it was defined at the SQL layer) and the totals populated properly.

It would be nice if the dataset UI provided a warning for that!

Glad you found the problem, @BenM. And thanks for sharing this UI feedback.