Pivot Table Visual - Average of metric between two dates

I am trying to compute the average of a metric between the second transaction date and the date 30 days after the second transaction date.
(see screenshot below)


Do you have value’s for these dates? Or is your value only on the creation Date?

I do have values for all dates but what I’m trying to say is, I wish to compute the average over the range of values from second_transaction_date to 30_days_after. The creation_date is irrelevant for now.

The dataset is at the minute granularity and the lowest level is txn_id. There are duplicate dates and duplicate txn_ids. I do have a unique id variable for each row when I made my SQL query.


Do you want something like this?


not really - I was more so looking at

sum(GMV from Second Transaction Day to 30 days after) / datediff(second_transaction_date,30_days_after)

Basically a dynamic AVG Daily GMV for each restaurant based only between those two dates.

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