Please help understand the pricing


Please assist me to understand the pricing.

I need to distribute 10 different users 3 daily reports.
These users will not access Quicksight.
Each user will receive ~90 monthly reports, overall 900 reports per month.

In understood that I’ll need to setup those users as reader user.
But I cannot understand what will be their price.

  1. Is it 5$/month per user? or this price won’t support 90 reports distribution per month per user?
  2. Do I need a capacity program?
  3. Does the capacity program is overall or per user?
  4. How do I defined to which program (capacity pricing or user pricing) the user belongs to?

Your help is much appreciated.

Hi @Annab

by “These users will not access Quicksight” you mean they will get paginated reports or scheduled pdfs?

  1. Yes, max 5$/user (reader) but paginated reports will be charged seperatly.
  2. With 10 user i would say, no
  3. Overall
  4. You dont as 3.

Maybe you can try


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Hi @ErikG

Thank you for your detailed response.

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Thanks, @ErikG and @Annab!