Point Map and multiple values

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Is there a way to display all values in a point map instead of having the top xx ones ?
Point map is useful for some values, but I’d like to display all projects deployed in all EU sites.

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Currently Points on map chart supports 10k points. When you have a field in color field well then 5k.
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Hi @gillepa

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The issue is that it doesn’t display all values. It seems to display all geospatial (city), but only top 7 values in color field (I have more than 45 values for this field). Color field is project, and with only top 7 values, customer will think there’s only 7 projects deployed over EU
Maybe there’s a setting I didn’t enable ?


Can you check to see if you have any filters on the visual?

If filters are not the issue, can you please send a screenshot of the visual + field wells?


Hi @gillepa

Checking in. We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We’d still like to help.

Hi @gillepa, here is the screenshot of the map. There is no filter on this visual but it only shows the top 7 projects (in color field as the size field is not relevant for customers).

Do you have any suggestion ?

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apologies for the long delay in response.

I was hoping for a different answer, but the one offered by our internal teams late last year to a similar question on the QuickSight Community still applies:

Today, Maps have a limit of rendering 10K locations. The limit is reduced when there is a field in color field well. There is a product feature request to (1) Increase data points support and (2) add clarity in message when limits are applied and the maps show only top X data-points.

Thank you @gillepa for your answer ^^

Looking forward to having the improved map. If needed, you can add a +1 to the product feature request on my behalf

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