Point Maps and Joined Datasets

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I have created a point map to chart out latitudes and longitudes. Observe that with joined datasets (created from 2 or more datasets), the lat long points on the map are displaced to some arbitrary location, as shown in the first screenshot below. Lat Longs are correctly displayed if the dataset is a single (non-joined) dataset. Please let me know if there is a workaround with joined datasets or if it’s a known bug in quicksight? Thank you!

Screenshot1 (Joined Dataset) - Displaced Points

Screenshot 2 (Non-Joined Dataset)

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It seems to be a known bug: Quicksight dividing latitude and longitude values by 1000 - Question & Answer - Amazon QuickSight Community. There was also a community post a couple of weeks ago that mentioned a similar problem, sadly I can’t find it.
But if you need a workaround maybe @ErikG solution in the linked post can help you.



Thank you @robert.eibers

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