Points on Area Line Chart

I have a question on the area line chart.

In the below image, we do have points on the line. If suppose we have null values in our dataset and I wanted to see them in the chat with a different colored point rather than all points showing blue color in the below image - Is that possible?

@Sanjeeb2022 @Max

Appreciate any help! Thank you!

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Hi @shravya - I will have a look on this, is it possible to share sample data.

Tagging @Biswajit_1993 as well for his quick suggestion.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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I think I cannot attach an excel here - so just pasting 2 columns - You can select area line chart and use this 2 columns!

Column 1 Column 2
Region Profit
null 41.9136
null 219.582
AMER 6.8714
null -383.031
null 2.5164
AMER 14.1694
AMER 1.9656
AMER 90.7152
AMER 5.7825
AMER 34.47
AMER 85.3092
AMER 68.3568
null 5.4432
AMER 132.5922
APJ -123.858
APJ -3.816
null 13.3176
null 9.99
AMER 2.4824
AMER 16.011
AMER 7.384
AMER 5.0596
AMER 15.6884
null -1.0196
null 240.2649
AMER 4.2224
AMER 11.7741
null -1665.0522
null -7.0532
null 15.525
null 1.1016
null 9.7092
null -5.715
null 3.546
APJ 9.9468
APJ 123.4737
APJ -147.963
APJ 35.415
APJ -46.9764
APJ -15.147
APJ 41.7564
APJ 16.5564
AMER 3.894
null 9.5616
null 19.7714
null 8.2062
AMER 8.4784
APJ 4.95
APJ 6.104


Just for future reference, you can copy and paste data in a table now. It’s a new addition to the text editor.

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Hi @shravya & @Sanjeeb2022 anjeeb , It is not possible to change a particular point value(null values) with different color. It is same color as what you give for the complete area chart.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Hey @David_Wong - Thank you so much. Its cool, I have edited my above post by inserting a table!

Thank you @Biswajit_1993

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@shravya ,

Have you considered creating a calculated filed to identify whether or not Region is null and using it in the Color filed well to color values differently?

ifelse(isNull({Region), ‘NULL’, ‘NOT NULL’)


Hi @shravya

Similar to @Max’s solution, I took your data and added a date field with a different year per row.

Then I created a calculated field “ifProfit” as follows:

Then I created a Line chart visual, selecting fields in this order:
Year, ifProfit, Profit

Then I styled the data series as follows:


This should result in a line chart as follows:

Let me know if this provides a solution for you.

Many Thanks,


Thank you @abacon - This looks interesting and really helps. i appreciate the solution. Thank you once again!

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I didn’t try that @Max - But, thank you so much I will try this solution. :slight_smile:

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