Pop up message when user picker future date in date picker


Is it possible for a pop up message when the user selects a future date in the date picker? Currently we do see NO Data in the visuals when we select a future date.

Thank you!

Hello @ghegde, outside of building out functionality through code on an embedded dashboard, there is not currently functionality to set some kind of pop-up message. The only alternative I can really think of would be to build a custom insight that checks that value of your date parameter, and if that date is greater than now(), you can return an error message. That visual would always have to be present though because you cannot use conditional rules in free form to check a datetime parameter value for a visual to show.

Since this is not currently available and I don’t think the work-around I provided is that helpful, I will mark this topic as a feature request for AWS Support. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this topic though, otherwise I will archive it for the support team. Thank you!

Thank you for the quick response! No follow-up questions, Thanks.

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