Possibility to add xls/csv as options for scheduled reports?

Hi @QuickSight
I have seen several threads about someday there being an option to allow scheduled reports that include tables to have .xls/.csv as an option. Any future possible dates for this? I also saw that there was a limit of 10mb, maybe this feature can be enabled with just that warning, and users wiht data above this threshold will not be able to? My reports are currently 150k, and well below that. I am using Quicksight to mash together hundreds of .csv reports & data, and the output when Export to Excel within analysis is great, just wish I didn’t have to manually go in and grab it each day.

Being able to schedule Excel, even if there’s a published limit would be great please!

Hi @mikep

Are you looking to attach tables as CSV/XLS files in scheduled email reports? QuickSight paginated reporting feature allows you to select one or more tables to be sent as CSV attachments. The linked blog details more about paginated reporting.


Ahh the crucial thing, was that the Paginated option is not enabled, did not know that it was an additional charge/add-on to get that feature. Thanks for the quick reply!

hi @mike

In addition to what raj pointed out regarding paginated reporting would like to gather your request and add as influence to the feature request to push excel on our roadmap. Can you please send me a private message with your company information and will add.


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Good news! You can now schedule the export of CSV and Excel. Please see more information here [Scheduling and sending reports by email - Amazon QuickSight and Amazon QuickSight adds scheduled and programmatic export to Excel format]