Possible to bind Y-axis ranges on combo chart to the same "auto" range?


I’m showing the total number of objects per day of a given week, stacked by type, compared to a windowAvg calculation of the total number of objects over the previous 4-week period, in a combo chart:

My only problem is the range; They need to be the same range for this to be useful. I can set the range manually for both, but the report is dynamic, and the range varies between users.

Can I bind the range of the line portion to that of the bar portion, so the range will be on auto, but the same range for both the bar and the line?


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. I can mark it as a feature request.

Thanks for the response, I seem to be skilled at finding features I want that are just out of Quicksight’s reach lol.

Haha hopefully these features can be implemented soon. But thank you for reaching out about it.

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