Powered by QuickSight - Generative AI and BI Events

Join AWS experts in your city for a one-day in-person event to learn how Amazon QuickSight enables you to easily generate actionable insights, share them with your business users, integrate them into your company’s the workflows or add them into your products to provide additional value to end customers.

Hear from AWS experts and from customers like BMW, S&P Global, the NFL and Capital One about how they are using QuickSight internally and/or externally to support their business users and customers.

During this event you will:

  • Learn about QuickSight features and functionality
  • Get hands-on experience (high level, for a business audience)
  • Hear case studies from customers and partners
  • Learn about complementary services to QuickSight like Aurora and Sagemaker
  • Get answers via Q&A with AWS experts
  • Find out about specialized build, market and sell support available from AWS for companies that build on QuickSight

Find a 2024 Powered by QuickSight Generative AI/BI Roadshow in your area.

Learn more about the Powered by QuickSight Program for embedded analytics.

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