PRE_AGG calculations with analysis filters based on calculated fields

I understand how PRE_AGG works in general. When my analysis has a filter and I use PRE_AGG, the filter is applied before the calculation. However, when the analysis filter is on a calculated field, it appears that my calculation is being performed before the filter. Is that expected?

I guess this is to be expected… I don’t think filters reference other filters so I think that it would still filter the calculated field but because it’s a filter then it isn’t being filtered from others.

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In general I find that actually PRE_AGG fields are still computed after the other filters are applied - even when that PRE_AGG field is part of a filter. Just did a small test to confirm this now. Might be this does not work if there are filters that are part of the partition fields… can you please give more details as to how your calculated field and filters look like :wink: ?

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Can you push the calculated field to the dataset layer? Instead of creating it in the analysis, create the calculated field when you ingest the data into Quicksight. See if it works for you and let us know!