Pre-filter 30-day sum

Is there a way to calculate the sum of a variable for past days, even if the past days are not within the data being filtered for visualization, but present in the dataset?

For instance, I tried using windowSum, but the issue is that the aggregation starts from the first date being visualized, which it’s not what I’m looking for.

If I’m visualizing total sales for filtered dates; let’s assume the last seven (7) days, and the first date in my table is 8/10/2023. I need a calculated field to display the total sales for that specific date, in addition to the past 29 days (even if the past 29 days are not in the table, but present in the dataset). Therefore, if the sales for the past 29 days were $90,000 and the sales for 8/10/2023, $5,000; the calculated field should display $95,000.

What would be the best way accomplish that?

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the demo dashboard here at demo central might be able to help to accomplish. you can go into Analytics view by clicking the icon presented in left pain so that you can see the details of the implementation.

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