Pre Filtering for one category and NOT the Others


I have three filters on my QuickSight dashboard page.

I want to Pre-Filter for one of them but still be able to use the other ones.
Does anyone know how I might achieve this?

Hi, have you tried using PRE_FILTER level aware calculation function?

Yes I did.

The problem is that when I use PRE-FILTER it “pre-filters” all of the filters in the dashboard page.
So I have three categories that I have filters (Name of Employee, New Vs Renewal and Grade).

I need to be able to pre-filter only for Name of Employee and still be able to use two other filters on the dashboard page.

If you have any idea, I would be very thankful to hear it.

I see, then you should be able to use the PRE_AGG so it only applies to Name of Employees. This follows the order of evaluation on QuickSight.

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We can try this. If you can live with single select filters, you could change them to parameter filters, which can adjust where it happens in the pipeline. You create two parameters and add a control for each (can tie to to the same fields to populate the values).

Then make a calculation like this that will apply those parameters to this metric specifically (not the whole visual).
ifelse(field1= $param1 AND field2= $param2, value, NULL)

Then you can reference this field in your other calcs like your LAC, but use PRE_AGG (not PRE_FITLER).

Then the 1 filter you want to apply to as ‘pre filter’ add as a normal filter to the visual. It should happen before your other parameter filters are applied.

This one worked… Thank you!

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