Preserve data set sequence in QuickSight Table visual

How should we preserve original data set sequence (order) while add it to Table visual?



I have loaded a data set from excel which has few rows and columns. When I go to Visualize, adding visual of type Table and adding few fields from the data set then the original sequence (order) of data changes and becomes shorted in ascending order. Although there is not shorting added on any fields.

SS attached FYR.


I want the original data set sequence (order) to be preserved unless shorting is added otherwise.


This is a very counter intuitive behaviour. Since the user has not selected any shorting order.

Hope to receive help soon.

Thank you in advance!

@imbipul Table visuals are not designed to retain order from original dataset. If there is an order defined, author should be making that choice before publishing the analysis to dashboard. If there is no particular column in your excel that the sorting is applied to already, I would suggest to add a new field for sequence and use that. QuickSight supports sorting of tables using any field in the dataset even if it’s not added to the field well for the table visual (Chose Sort options from any field in the fieldwell)

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Thank you @Shekhar for answering.

Intuitive thinking, QuickSight should not be applying shorting by default on any column.
As in my use case I want my data set to preserve the original order.
Although this is helpful workaround :+1: