Primary tag showing as NULL in dashboards

Hi, I want to be able to filter under the dashboards by TAGs. Currently under the compute optimizer dashboard I can not see any TAGs we have in our environment. The only value showing is NULL. Is there something I have missed during deployment or further configuration required to pull through TAGs?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @mariomint

can you please share more information on, what dashboard it is and Share links if you deployed some solution using blog ?

Thanks Ashok for your response. I’m talking about the Compute Optimizer dashboard deployed under the QuickSight lab deployment. I have not implemented any fix or workaround solution yet, I wanted to understand if others had this issue and whether or not there is a known fix. Thank you

Hi @mariomint

Please follow the below workshop to enable the TAG and customize the compute optimizer dashboard.

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Thank you for your reply but@apjvinood
But this does not show how to add tags to the Compute Optimizer dashboard? This is my main aim here.
I have followed the process for the CUDOS dashboard with success, although from ‘Step 4. Modify TAGsplorer tab’ I am unable to view ‘resource_tags_’ under dataset ‘customer_all’. I can see the resource tags in athena and under summary_view. Any idea why this may not be showing?
Thanks in advance