Print button disappears in embedded dashboards

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We are embedding Quicksight dashboards into our application and all of a sudden the Print button (as well as the Undo/Redo buttons) started to only appear on the first dashboard view but when navigating to another dashboard it disappears. The behaviour is the same regardless of which dashboard I view first.
This is the library we are using: amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk - npm
Does anybody experience the same or maybe even have a solution?


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There is an option in the API when publishing the dashboard:

Following the documentation, you can find the following option to enable it printEnable: TRUE:

            var containerDiv = document.getElementById("embeddingContainer");
            var options = {
                // replace this dummy url with the one generated via embedding API
                url: "",
                container: containerDiv,
                scrolling: "no",
                height: "700px",
                width: "1000px",
                locale: "en-US",
                **printEnabled: true,**
                footerPaddingEnabled: true
            dashboard = QuickSightEmbedding.embedDashboard(options);


Hi Jose,

Thanks for your reply. That’s the code we are using when we first create the embed and that works fine. Our problem is the subsequent navigation where our code looks something like this:

dashboardApp.dashboard.sheetPending = (sheetId !== undefined) && (sheetId !== ‘’);
dashboardId: dashboardId,
sheetId: ${dashboardId}_${sheetId},
printEnabled: true,

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This is a serious bug and should not be ignored. printEnabled is not working and simply makes the toolbar disappear.

Happens with the latest embed sdk.

This is the error on the console:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘resolveLayout’)
at embed-dashboard.bundle.2a05befc715f17322e16.38.js:2:553771
at new WrappedComponent (embedding.c5ee2933f650865e747b.38.js:2:4340941)
at Oo (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:602407)
at za (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:619976)
at bu (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:661060)
at Rs (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:650473)
at Os (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:650285)
at _s (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:647147)
at platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:597937
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (platform-vendors.bundle.34b506e85458c4e59846.38.js:2:70744

It also happens if you use the url directly, please check the attached image carefully, you’ll see the printEnabled=true removes the toolbar.

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Eventually a fix to this bug has been applied by Amazon.

Eventually? What do you mean?

I’m not seeing this issue.