Prior Day and "daily" Equations Giving different answers for 12/6

I have two equations; one for prior day activations and another one for daily activations. Both of them are giving me different answer for yesterday when they should be the same. Why is that? I filtered to make it only for this year so the MM didnt take it from other years.
Prior Day- countIf({approval_dt},{approval_dt}=addDateTime(-1,‘DD’, truncDate(‘DD’, now())))
Daily- countIf({approval_dt},extract(‘MM’,{approval_dt})=extract(‘MM’,now()))


why dont you use the same calculation in your daily equation, just without the adddatetime?

{approval_dt} = truncDate(‘DD’, now())

I tested your equation and it is coming up with the same result. I don’t understand why the daily equation and the prior date equation don’t produce the same result for yesterday.

Can you create a pivot table with only approval_dt in the row field well? this way you have a count column in the values.

the counts you get there for 12/6 are they equal to the calculation from daily or prior day?

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