Problem with filters


I created a filter that is used in all the visuals using the following caluclated parameter:


the filter remove from the analysis all the data where the count for column1 (taking into account the column 2 value) are lower than 8.

so in this way all the data is affected by the filter on the calcualted parameterand and everything works fine.

However, I have a filter in the analysis which is based in column1 (the agg column in the calculated filed). In this filter all the different values are showed (also the one with a count lower than 8)

Is there a way to avoid that?

it can be misleading for the user of the dashboard…

thank you

Hi There, You may create a calculated field for column1 that would bring in only the values greater than 8 and then use that calc field to create a filter for your dashboard. That should help you achieve your requirements. Let us know.

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Hello @Raji_Sivasubramaniam,

that was a smart move…I tried but actually it is not working…I created a calcualted field as you said.

If I put this calculated field in a table, I cann see only 3 of the 5 values…

If then I use the same calculated field in a filter, in the drop down menu, I can still see all the 5 values…

Hello @remba87 !

If you have not found the solution for this already, I would suggest adding that calculated field to a table on its own to make sure that you are seeing all 5 values. Also, I would make sure that you don’t have another filter on your visual that would be reducing the amount values from your calculated field.

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