Problem with Quicksight Subscription

Hi all,

I am an Admin who manages users within Quicksight. I wanted to ask, where can I see my active subscriptions? Because in the guide I read that you have to click on Manage Quicksight and click on “Your Subscription” but I can’t find “Your Subscription” in the menu (I attach the picture). For what reason?. Also I wanted to ask you by cancelling a user with Author subscription, does it continue to pay for the whole month?


This is belong the IAM role or if you purchase the Q service.
In both cases, you will the “Your subscription”.

Naveed Ali

Hi @Alexpic91,

“Your subscription” was changed to “Manage pricing” recently. It’s the 4th link in your screenshot.

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Thank you very much for the info, but is the billing monthly? meaning if I purchase at the beginning of the month and then cancel the account I have associated with the subscription, do I stop paying that subscription? Because I associated an account with an Admin user, but because there are two of us admins, to save money I deleted one user, however in billing I still pay. is this normal?

Thank you very much in advance

Please check with your account manager and billing. Different plans have different pricing models.