Problem with storage Datasets in "my folders"

Hi There!

I can’t storage Datasets created by me in “my folders”. Everytime I try to put a dataset in any folder inside “my folders” it appears at first but when I refresh the page, the dataset simply disappears. It’s happened with anyone here? Do I put any configuration to resolve this problem?

I’m in Quicksight Enterprise.

Mine seems to be working fine. Can you search for that dataset and see if it’s still there?

For me is the same thing wih @Thiago_Rocha. The dataset still there but not in the folder. Only in “Datasets”.

If I refresh the page, like a magic the dataset disappear.
Because if this isn’t done, the dataset continues to appear in the folder but only if I still with the tab open. If I close the tab and open again, the dataset desappear too.


it’s simply two step process. Just check you permission on dataset too. :slight_smile:

please note dataset will not disappear from the datasets but you can see in your folder.
This will remain visible in “datasets” menu.

step 1

step 2


Hi @Naveed thanks for your initiative but not work.

For me happen the same thing like I wrote above :smiling_face_with_tear:
Your steps is exactly I am doing but I need that dataset still appear in the folder not only when I see all datasets because with permission OK I need to create different folders for different teams with different datasets.

I think that I have a bug in my account. If I do it exactly as you said, it really does go away.

I am having this issue, too. I add datasets to a folder in “my folders,” as @Naveed described, and then when I navigate back to the folder later, only the analysis I put in that folder is there. The datasets are gone. This is a super weird glitch.

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Same here! No permission issue as I own the dataset. Dataset disappeared ~10sec after I added it to my personal folder.

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@Jose please retry it :slight_smile:

Naveed Ali

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Hi @Naveed it’s awesome.

For now it’s ok for me and datasets still appear in the folder.
But the problem still happen with another users. Do you know if the problem is for each user?

Thank you.

Hi @Naveed,
How are you my friend?

Thank you for your support!

Unfortunately, I have the same problem yet.

1 - I added a dataset in “My folders - Test”, for example.
2. When I refresh the page, I can’t see the dataset anymore :frowning:

It’s happen with datasets which I’m owner. Can you help me, please?