Programmatic way of filtering out dashboard on QuickSight API

Hi, I am looking for a way of filtering a dashboard via quick sight API and sharing the pre-filtered dashboard with the relevant people.

We have a single dashboard that we want to share with different people but we want to share it in such a way that they don’t have to filter this but they will open an already prefiltered dashboard.

Is there a way I can programmatically achieve this either via QuickSight API or QuickSight Embedding?

Although not directly what you’re asking, but you may look into row-level security feature, if the final goal is to have different users see their relevant data and not have access to other data.

Hi @Slavik_Lavryk thanks, this is not more of security of the data, but trying to share a prefiltered dashboard in order to eliminate the whole process of filtering out data from their end.

Thanks @Gigz, understood. Are you sharing dashboard via embedding it in some other web app, or any other way (sending out via e-mail etc.)?

Hello @Gigz - This seems to be more close to the concept of Report View (which we had in some of the traditional BI Tools like Cognos). However, did you explore the “Share this View” option in the Dashboard sharing section. You can first create few Bookmarks based on your different pre-filtered criteria. Then you can use that “share this view” option. Let me know if this helps! Thank you!

Hi, @sagmukhe thanks for your response. I want to share this with over 1000+ parties who need to access different metrics in the dashboard so creating a view manually might not be visible, that’s why I wanted a programmatic way of doing it.

@Gigz - Thank you for your response. You mean in that case you have 1000+ different distinct report views. Can you please confirm?

@sagmukhe yes. for instance, assume I have a filter of different countries and I want to share the dashboard with each country but in a pre-filtered way such that the countries will not have to filter out their metrics for themselves. So if I want to send a dashboard for county X, I will programmatically filter out metrics for county X and share with them the pre-filtered dashboard.

Hi, I just saw that you can use parameters in the dashboard URL(AWS docs). But you need to ensure that you have created parameters on your dashboard and link them with your filters.

Then you can use QuickSight API to dynamically attach the parameters in the dashboard URL.

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