Programmatically deploy selected sheets to the dashboard


Is there a way to programmatically deploy selected sheets to a dashboard. This option is available in the Quicksight UI (where I click on publish and select the sheets to move to the dashboard) but I am unable to implement this programmatically (via Cloudformation).


@roby you will need CLI or API for that. you might be able to achieve that by hosting that trigger on lambda with boto3 QS API

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@nshah-quicksight are there any CLI commands to deploy specific sheets.
I did check create-dashboard , however I am not able to find a way to deploy only specific sheets.
For eg : If I have 5 sheets in my analysis , I need only 3 of them to be on my dashboard.

@roby Check the API documentation here.

there are some options for sheet configuration, you should be able to it with them…

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