Publish an Analysis To a Dashboard - Saving over existing Link


I have a QuickSight dashboard embedded into a web page. On the Anaysis blade within QuickSight, I am ‘duplicating’ analysis files (splitting off QuickSight Development into branches) to test different visualization enhancements.

When my stakeholders and I decide to move forward with an updated Analysis, I want to be able to PUBLISH OVER existing dashboard, that is already set up to be embedded, leveraging the already connected link so I do not have to update anything in order to render the embedded report content.

It looks like the option to save a new Analysis, even if I call it the same thing, into an Existing Dashboard is greyed out for me, which forces me to save as a new Dashboard, and requires me to update the embedded environment interface with the new fresh link, leaving behind multiple Analysis and Dashboards with the same name.

Is there a work around, or should I accept this as current functionality and keep moving?

Hi @kwarren35 overwriting a dashboard from a different analysis is something the team is looking into (no dates to share yet), but this is possible if you use the API/CLI.

This high level steps would be to create a Template from your Analysis, then update the Dashboard using that Template, and finally update the Dashboard Published Version. You would use these actions/commands:


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