Q&A from the Live Session

Q: “Can I use Identity center to integrate multiple third-party Identity providers to support multiple clients with different IDPs?”
A: You can integrate only 1 IDP with IAM IDC. Add that 1 to 1 relationship between your identity provider and identity center if you want to use this, you can integrate only 1 and then only that users and groups will be provisioned in QuickSight.

Q: “Do we have capability to use quip as dataset in QuickSight?”
A: No, currently Quip is not 1 of the data sets that is supported QuickSight. But what you can do is you can, um, use your files load into as a bucket and then you can use as 3 as a data sources. QuickSight supports only relational data sources so um if your quip documents are say word documents then those will not support will not be supported as the dataset.

Q: “How does this effect if you have quicksight for readers, do this provide same restrictions?”
A: You should be able to manage all 3 different roles, reader, author and admins as you sign the demo. When we logged in as a reader, reader was only having access to dash boarding or consuming a dashboard. They then had permissions to access analysis or data sets so you can enable this for readers too.

Q: Is it possible to use this with RowLevel Security?
A: No it is not, you can learn more here: Using row-level security (RLS) with tag-based rules to restrict access to a dataset when embedding dashboards for anonymous users - Amazon QuickSight

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