QS keeping old dataset names

When I run commands to describe analyses, sometimes it will say the dataset it’s based off of is an old name even after changing the dataset name in quicksight. For example, I have an analysis based on a dataset, changed the dataset, and then when I run describe-analysis-definition, the old dataset shows up.

Where are you changing the dataset name?

Can you show me how this works?

Let me clarify. I’m not changing the name of the dataset, I’m replacing it with a new revision. I have to do this in particular when using an S3 file as the source. describe_analysis_definition still states the old revision/file is being used, even if that dataset doesn’t exist anymore

The ARN isn’t changing?

Can you show me what you are looking for? I don’t believe it gives you information on the version number. It just shows you the name of the dataset and the arn.

Yes, the ARN isn’t changing. The describe-analysis-definition CLI call is still stating the previous ARN is still being used when it is not.

So you have a new dataset and it’s not showing? Or you replaced the old dataset with a new file?

Screenshots would be helpful

Replaced an old dataset with a new file. The first picture is the dataset in the analysis. The second picture is the result of a JSON parse of the define-analysis-definition and it shows rev2. Rev2 has been replaced by rev3 in the analysis and rev2 has also been deleted, it does not exist anymore.

I’ll mark it as a bug

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