Qualitative Tooltip

Hi, Community. Is there functionality to create a tooltip-esque box that can be hovered over that would display qualitative information about a particular field? Like most organizations, our translational database has an expansive data model. Our display names in QuickSight are intuitive but there is still that need to provide additional context. My thought is a subtle symbol next to a field name that can be hovered over displaying a text box.

QuickSight do not have a native feature to display text when hover. Instead, I see some organizations creating another tab page or another dashboard as a Data Dictionary. Data Steward can put dashboard context in that dashboard. Users can use filter/search when they want to look for dashboard or data.

@royyung, thank you for the suggestion. Do you know if this is part of the roadmap or has been logged as an idea?

some customers have the same request. Therefore already logged as a feature request but I am not sure the timeline yet