Quckisight Embedded visual is taking more time to load the visual

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing slow performance issues with Quicksight’s embedded visualizations. In my application, I have embedded two visualizations on a page. There is a table that is fetching data from the database, and alongside it, there are two visualizations providing summary information about that table.

The table loads first, but the visualizations take too long to load.

Can anyone help me improve this performance? It’s not a good end user experience if the table appears first and the visualizations take too long to load.too long to load.

Hello @achourey, I have a few questions about this situation. First, is the underlying dataset linked to each of these visualizations set to direct query or SPICE? Also, what are the visual types providing summary information and do they utilize any complex calculated fields within the visualization?

With a little more information, I can help guide you further. Thank you!

  1. We are using SPICE as Storage and each of the visualizations is linked with SPICE only.
  2. We used the direct column there are not calculated columns used in visualization.

Visualization used for embedding :

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Hello @achourey, are you embedding the visuals individually or embedding a whole QuickSight dashboard? Also, roughly how long is it taking for each of the visuals to load?

If you are embedding single visuals rather than the full dashboard, maybe it is an issue with the order in which the APIs are being called. Something like the 2nd visuals isn’t being retrieved until the first visual has loaded. Are they running asynchronously or synchronously?