Query on Filter

Good day,

I would like to apply the two different filters to the analysis, however the values in Column B and column C should not impact.

Could you please have a look in to the example.

When I apply the filer to the visual ,values in production count header and Selected for Audit count should not impact.

Quality% and Fail% has to change based on the filter option.

Could you please assist me on this one.

Hello, Filters are applied at the visual level. But in your case, I understand the two measures should not have impact due to the Filters applied. I would recommend level-aware calculations. Here is the link : Using level-aware calculations in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight.
You will need to implement PRE_FILTER calculations for Production Count and Selected for Audit Measures. Please give it a try, leave a comment if this helped.


hi @knamburi good to know new things I never tried this type of scenarios.

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Hi @knamburi

Thanks for your response.

Could you please confirm is it possible to apply the pre-filter for distinct_Count function.

I have calculated the production count measure field distinct count function.

If possible, could you please provide me an example how to apply to pre-filter option to this field.

Thanks in advance

Hello @tdr_Dinesh, This is the documentation of the function that you can use for Pre_filter distinctCountOver - Amazon QuickSight. Formula will look something like this.


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