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hi, i’m new in quicksight and i have question, its somthing very importmant to me’ please help😓: im trying to make to tow different dashboard from the same data set: my data set is excel sheet and i was saving two dashboard with different names but when im changing the date set of one dashboard its also changing the dashboard and the data set of the other dashboard. is someone have an idea? solution?

Hi @jmetair

what i got out of your explanation is the following pic.


And you are changing the dataset? Right?


yes, exactly , but i was saving dashboard 1 and i want to add for example another excel to dashboard number 2 only, how i do that?’ in tableau software i could do that simply…

you have to use different or multible datasets.

as long as you only use one every change is effecting every dashboard related to.

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thanks i will try this👍