Question Regarding Rules in the Analysis

Hi Team

If I will hide the visual in the Rule ,after hiding also its showing (hidden based on rule) like below image

is there any option to clear that text appears in the visual after hiding


sorry i have not attached the image in previous query
Screenshot 2024-02-23 122304

Hi @vinodkumarb
that text is only visible in analysis. Within dashboard you just dont see the visual.

Hi Erik
Thanks for the Quick Reply
In the analysis I need to create visual on visual with different parameters with different values wise quantality wise sales wise profit
4.brand wise sales
5.brand wise quantity
6.brand wise profit

like that i need to show these six charts in the same width and height and same location with filter selection

for creating like these scenarios applying to the parameter its showing like below image

iam not able to find for which visual iam Appling that particular rule for that particular chart

this is the screenshot for that

Screenshot 2

Hi @vinodkumarb
i know that issue and requested a change already.
You could move the visual back (via the 3 dots) or move them aside.

Hi @ErikG

Thanks for the Update