Questions about legend size and interactive options

Hi! I have two questions for you today :slight_smile:

  1. is there any way to enlarge the legend font in a graph? I know the way to do so in every other title but not to the legend and it’s super small.
  2. Is there a way to add in the dashboard an option to choose which value the user want to see in the y-axis?
    for example, here:

    I designed the graph so that the user can see the “adaptive” value in the bar, but I want my customers to have the option to choose any other category instead. I’m aware of the option to create one calculated field and then filter, but its not good for this use case, and I’m wondering if there is any other option.

Thank you experts, you’re the best!

Hi @shirakoresh

I believe both of these would need to be feature requests.

Are you asking for your second question to have like a slider? Or the option for people to see different measurements?

Maybe something like this?

Hi! that’s not exactly the case, but it’s good to know the option. I’ll just mark it as feature requests.
Thank you anyway!

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