Questions about QuickSight data

Good afternoon guys, I currently have data being brought directly from salesforce (using the integration that quicksight provides) but I have a question, why are some 0 and others without data? (Sem dados in Portuguese) is there any way to set it to appear always 0?

in the first columns where it is 0, I am counting IDS

Where is it without data, they are monetary values

Hi @GuiOliveira14511
depends on why there are no data. Is it because there are only null values or because no permission to see the data.
For null values you could create a calculated field to check if it is null and if so you can write a 0.

I discovered that the fields that are showing 0 are because they are of type Count, since they are in data, it is because they are a sum of values…

the calculated field can I do this? If the value is null, write 0? should I put it in the filter?

i tried to

but when i put in my parameter something any, it show me no data

Could you solve it?

You’re meaning to filter in empresaid?then it’s telling “no data”?

Hello @GuiOliveira14511 !

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