Quick Reference: Themes and the main colour palette

When building reports and dashboards in Amazon QuickSight, you can use Themes to align with brand palettes, adjust colour contrast to improve accessibility or just create more impactful visualisations.

If you’re new to QuickSight themes, there are 6 main colours that can be configured:

  • Primary background
  • Primary foreground
  • Secondary background
  • Secondary foreground
  • Accent
  • Accent foreground

A picture can be worth a thousand words when trying to understand the effect of configuring the colour palette, so I’ve created the following analysis to help illustrate where these colours apply when creating an analysis, or dashboard, in QuickSight:

Referring to this analysis, you can see that:

  • Primary colours apply to individual visuals
  • Secondary colours apply to the sheet and its controls
    • Secondary foreground also applies to any visual vertical scroll bars (with a degree of transparency)
  • Accent applies to narration customisations (see EMEA and AMER in the narrative)
    • Accent also applies to chart scroll bars (with a degree of transparency)

In addition, the Accent colours are also applied to the authoring experience. For example when editing narratives as shown below:

  • Accent foreground for text that is overlaid on a background of Accent
  • Accent for text when not overlaid


I hope this helps you when configuring the colour palettes of custom themes in QuickSight and leads to even more beautiful data visualisations.

Many Thanks,