Quick Sight - Tables Autosizing Column width

We have text tables where columns text are different size and we column to autosize on paginated reporting similar capabliity which currently have in Power BI

Hello @raajeshrajendran !

Could you share more detail or anonymized screenshots of what you’re seeing that’s causing an issue? I’m not sure that I understand the problem that you are having with the column sizes with paginated reporting.

Basically we trying to paginated reports with table visualize. It 7 columns and 2 columns for Column A and Column has different length from 20 - 1000 characters. We don’t increase cells row height for all rows instead we want to be dynamic.

Please let know in case of any questions.

Hello @raajeshrajendran , I’m sorry for the late reply!

You can apply text wrap to the headers but according to the documentation this is not possible for the cells.

I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!