Quickdight organizing in folders

Hello all,
I read some of the posts for organizing analysis and datasets in a folder but I did not find it very useful.
When we first create an analysis , I want the analysis to go to a particualr folder. Issue is I cna move the analysis after it is created but that just creates a copy and if I delete the original one, it will delete everyting. So bascially, I will have all analysis still on root and it looks cluttered. I did not find very useful article to do the organization. Anyone has solved this issue?


Hi @kochar,

You can think of the folders in QuickSight as tags.

  • When you add an analysis to a folder, you’re not creating a copy - you’re basically just tagging it.
  • When you remove an analysis from a folder, you’re not deleting it. You’re just “untagging” it.
  • When you delete your analysis, it gets removed from all folders.
  • You can’t have an analysis in a folder but not have it show up on your master list of analyses.

What is the best way to manage these analysis? When I create an analysis, it just goes to the root and it is all cluttered. is there a better way to manage the analysis on user level?