Quicksight Access issue


One of my user got this error message when trying to access the dashboard. He has RLS and dashboard access. Can you please help?


Hello @Cindy , there is a chance that this may be an issue that will require assistance from the technical support team at AWS, but I am happy to assist if possible.

Could this be an issue related to group level security, rather than RLS? Maybe the user group in cognito (or an alternate IAM resource that you might be using), has restrictions on this user id or possibly at the Dashboard permissions level. Those areas might be worth checking to make sure all proper access is granted to the user.

Hello @Cindy , I wanted to check in and see if you still needed assistance accessing your dashboard. If not I can close out this topic, just let me know.

Hello @Cindy, since have not heard back from you I will archive this question. If you still need help please repost your question in the community. Good luck building your dashboards!