QuickSight Calculated Field Size Limit

Hi! While trying to add more calculated fields to my analysis, I received the attached pop up that ‘Calculated fields size limit exceeded’. As such, I am unable to add more calculated fields to this datasource. Was wondering what the limit on calculated fields for each datasource is? And is there any way to increase this limit? If anyone has other workarounds on this issue, would be really helpful too!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hello @nadeamer

In this case you are exceeding the following quota from Quicksight that you can check from the Service Quotas console:

L-AECE65ED - Calculated field expression length

The max limit for this quota is 250,000 characters and unfortunately you cannot increase it further.

You should be able to create new calculated fields by shortening the expression used on them to contain 250K or less, also remember that you can reference calculated fields from calculated fields so this could also help you on reducing the length of them.

Hope it helps!