Quicksight cannot use incremental refresh

We have created a dataset, but we can not choose refresh type.

Do you have an enterprise account?

Incremental refresh is only for enterprise accounts.

I also don’t see an option for an incremental refresh.
And I do have an enterprise account.

Can you show me what you see click on “Add New Schedule”?

This is what I see.


I found that the incremental refresh option is available only if the dataset consists of one single table or one single query, i.e. if you join multiple tables, you have to write the join as one single query.

If your dataset looks like this, incremental refresh is not available:

Incremental refresh is available if your dataset looks like this:


I don’t think the problem is in joining multiple tables. After I recreate the dataset with the same setting, I have the “incremental refresh option”. So I am not sure what happened… or maybe I used 2 different data sources is the problem?

in my case, I have both custom SQL.

you may refer to the discussion in another thread.

Can try to put into 1 custom SQL and see if incremental refresh is available?