Quicksight CLI Movement of Datasets

Is there a method that allows movement of Datasets from one account to other, using CLI?
I have the capability to do this using python script, however I am currently migrating topics using CLI approach and to move topics from one account to another, i need to map datasets in the new account, for which i need to move datasets as well from one account to another. Since moving topics is only possible using CLI approach, i would prefer an approach that allows moving datasets from one account to another using CLI as well

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Hi @Sahil ,

Following blog will help : Migrate Amazon QuickSight across AWS accounts | AWS Big Data Blog


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Hi @Sahil
An alternative to coding your migration via the QS API (described in our blog post) is to use OverSight for Amazon QuickSight. This is a SAAS-based solution that allows QuickSight developers, data analysts, dev-ops, etc to easily migrate QuickSight Assets across AWS accounts in a matter of minutes using a web application interface. No coding required!
You can learn more from the link above or here.
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