Quicksight cloudformation create analysis from existing template on two untrusted accounts

We have two subscriptions on two different aws accounts with no trust between, by design.
How can we create the analysis on one account based on the existing template on another account?

There is this import way, but not sure if the arn is accessible.

Hi @qs_wormhold -

This workshop QuickSight via CloudFormation :: QuickSight DevOps shows QuickSight cross account deployment via CloudFormation. There’s a video with voiceover explaining the process. The existing template permissions are mentioned at 1:20. You can set the permission for a QuickSight template to an ARN of an AWS root. See ResourcePermission -

It still has to READ from the other account quicksight template. That’s what we can’t do. Because the two accounts don’t have root trust by design. I was hoping the template in quicksight be made available offline like code. This way we can transfer that code without setting off the root trust alarm.

Ah I understand the limitation. It’s great you are bringing up the challenge here. You can’t do that today with QuickSight.

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We are working on something that will address this use case

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Our manual approach to create analysis/dashboard is starting to get messier and messier. It is important to us, if this item can be prioritized. This way the “code” management will be clean, and the migration process will be smooth.

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This has been prioritized and we are working this

I’ve found an update to this document related to what I asked.

I was wondering if this is the solution you mentioned in your prior message.
This was updated 8/12/22.