Quicksight connect to RDS problem

Hi everyone, i followed up with this topic

i used Postgresql instead of MySQL as topic above

Im trying to connect Quicksight to RDS i have 2 problem:
1/When i create VPC Connection, it show only 1 VPCID default but not the same with the VPCID default on my AWS Console (Surely i use 1 account for both services)
2/When i click on Create, nothing happen. No error show or anything. Like this

I have tried to restart, log out, do something but it seem like the problem because the VPC ID not match between Quicksight and Console ?

Thank you for your reading

Are you sure it’s in the same region / account?

Is this VPC you’re talking about created / connected to your RDS?

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Thank you very much @Max, its about different region from both services
But a new error has come, right now i can fill exactly the VPC ID, the name of instance of RDS but can not connect Quicksight, the error is:

SQL_EXCEPTION – A general SQL error occurred. This error can be caused by query timeouts, resource constraints, unexpected data definition language (DDL) changes before or during a query, and other database errors. Check your database settings and your query, and try again.

i’ve searching and following with many ways include this video

I’ve just delete all Polocies of RDS and Quicksight so now i can not fill anything in Quicksight anymore :(, what should i do now please help
i used postgresql 15.1, ubuntu 22.04

In your manage quicksight do you have granted access to RDS and your VPC connections?